Wednesday, December 30, 2009

new giant zips available (yellow for Taokaka from BlazBlue)

With our most current batch of giant zippers, we've included some yellow zips this time around, too - due to the *very* highly requested color of yellow, for those constructing their own Taokaka cosplays.

giant #30 gauge zippers = yellow

The yellow zippers will, by default, include a matching yellow slider...but we also offer the option to swap it out for a light-orange goldenrod slider instead to best match her character design.

giant #30 zippers = yellow or orange slider options for Taokaka costume use giant #30 zippers = yellow zip with orange slider for Taokaka costume use

These zips are full-separating, in a jacket-style. And, just like our other over-sized #30 gauge zippers, feature zipped teeth at a full 1" wide.

giant #30 zippers = yellow giant #30 gauge zippers = yellow

These guys are now available here in our specialty zipper shop here.

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