Wednesday, December 30, 2009

new giant zips available (yellow for Taokaka from BlazBlue)

With our most current batch of giant zippers, we've included some yellow zips this time around, too - due to the *very* highly requested color of yellow, for those constructing their own Taokaka cosplays.

giant #30 gauge zippers = yellow

The yellow zippers will, by default, include a matching yellow slider...but we also offer the option to swap it out for a light-orange goldenrod slider instead to best match her character design.

giant #30 zippers = yellow or orange slider options for Taokaka costume use giant #30 zippers = yellow zip with orange slider for Taokaka costume use

These zips are full-separating, in a jacket-style. And, just like our other over-sized #30 gauge zippers, feature zipped teeth at a full 1" wide.

giant #30 zippers = yellow giant #30 gauge zippers = yellow

These guys are now available here in our specialty zipper shop here.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Xaldin wig styling experiment #1

One of the beginning steps to making Xaldin's dreds. Since real dreads are made from wool, there really wasn't anyway to simulate that convincingly with another material. However, since -his- hair isn't realistic at all, other structural bits (various widths of either latex or foam tubing) were needed to convey the movement, loft and volume of his design.

(The end product was many several individual hair pieces that overlapped and latched on to each other. The conclusion was that it was too heavy and slightly too complicated for normal costume usage due to the interior Saeru will be investigating further to improve...)